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Details on Parking Lots



1. Cathedral/El Convento Parking lot: I block North

    Open 24 Hours  Most Expensive

   Prices: $10 for the first 3 hrs, then $35 for the next 24

   (Sometimes you can make a deal with them)

2.  Ballajá Parking Garage : Entrance to El Morro: 

    5 block NE uphill 

    Prices: First hour $1.98 | Additional Hours $0.99  

    Open 24 Hours

These first 2 are a good choice if you'll be going to get the car,

then coming back to the apartment to pick people up, because

you'll be going with traffic

3. Cheapest La Puntilla Parking Lot on Paseo

    de la Princessa 5 blocks SW down hill


    (Old San Juan's Munincipal parking lot)


    Prices: First hour $0.75 | Additional Hours $0.25 

    NOT 24 HOURS 


Operating Hours: Sundays-Thursdays 6:00am - 10:00 pm


Fridays and Saturdays 6:00am - 2:00am 


It’s usually full M-F 8 am,‘til 5pm. with people who work in

San Juan. Best to arrive between 6pm – 10pm, when the

people working in San Juan have left, and before they close.


This is an actual “lot”. There is a fence & gate, but no security.

Once they close, you can’t get your car out until morning.



4. Doña Fela Parking Bldg on Recinto Sur Street

    Open 24 Hours 


   6 blocks SE, downhill: 

   Busy @ night, accross from sofo restaurants

   Prices: First hour $1.25 | Additional Hours $0.50











bóveda   209 Cristo St., San Juan PR 00901 (787) 725-0263 10am-6pm