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Special "Combo" rate for Groups of 8-18 persons

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The Gallery and the Garden apartments are right next to each other. The Garden apartment is the rear of the building, and the Gallery is in the front, with the balcony over Cristo St.
The 2 apartments make up the entire 2nd floor of the building.  The entrance to the Garden apartment is straight in front of you as you come up the stairs to the 2nd floor. The kitchen entrance to the Gallery apartment is immediately to your right, so to use them together, just leave those doors open.
In the original construction by the conqiustadors 350 years ago, the 2 apartments were one. Later when the building was restored it was divided into 2.
With Both apartments you'll have 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms; the giant living room of the Gallery apartment with the balcony over Cristo St., and the smaller living room of the Garden, which is a nice quiet place among the plants, for those who like to read.  
We offer a special reduced "combo" rate for renting the Garden apartment ant the Gallery Apartment together, for groups of 8-18 persons.
This can be large families, school groups, or anyone traveling together
who would like the additional privacy of having their own apartment.
To qualify for the special "combo" rate for renting both apartments the minimum stay is 1 week.
Also there will have to be 2 persons in the group over the age of 40,
who are responsible for the group. 
If you wish to stay for a shorter time than 1 week, of course you may, but each apartment will be billed separately at its individual price. 

For up to 8 persons using both apartments the weekly price is:
$3,228.00 $2,900.00 $203.00 $150.00 $725.00 $2,175.00
   FEEto reservedue on arrival
 For More than 8 persons the charge for them is $25 per night each, up to Max of 18
For 11-14 persons, you must have some couples, or sharing of the larger beds 
because even with both apartments there only 10 beds
(5 twin, 1 double, 1 king, 1 Queen & 2 Queen "Innovation" futons)
for 15 - 18 persons, please bring sleep mats for the 3 extras.  

The above rates do not apply for The "San Se" festival, (3rd weekend in January)
 See tab:  "San-Se Rates"    

For questions or to check availability please e-mail:

To book, please call 787 725 0263 (10:30am-5:30pm)

bóveda   209 Cristo St., San Juan PR 00901 (787) 725-0263 10am-6pm